Learning about Housing First with the Queen Cross Housing Association.

As part of the ROOF network, CCI are committed to ending homelessness in Glasgow and across Europe through the implementation of the Housing First model.

QCHA to understand how they have implemented the innovative Housing First practice across Glasgow.

In the spirit of this aspiration, we’ve have been working closely with Queens Cross Housing Association, a local organisation who make use of this model to support citizens young and old by providing them with a property in the city they can call home and provide them with the support mechanisms they need to live a more independent life. We spoke to Ally, Bronny and Michael, three young people who are a part of Queens Cross, who tell us their stories and share what the Housing First model means to each of them.

“Queens Cross Housing Association as part of the ROOF network have been working with the CCI to tell the stories of the young people that we support and the positive impact that housing first approach can have. Ally, Bronny and Michael’s stories highlight the importance of having a sense of belonging and a place to call home. This is achievable through the support they receive that is flexible, traumainformed and person centred.” – Sharon Freeman, Queens Cross Housing Association

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