Citizen Power in Glasgow

Co-designing Glasgow’s future participatory models for people, place and planet

The CCI is pioneering our new approach to a citizen-centred, design-led approach within Glasgow City Council, creating an innovative and consistent model to engage and collaborate with people across the city, developing a joined-up system for people, place and services in Glasgow.

 Illustration of a multigenerational family talking, questioning and investigating with a big
                    magnifying glass

A design process showing three stages: understanding people, making decisions and delivering solutions

Your Citizen Voice Glasgow

We're re-designing participation in Glasgow. We are currently prototyping in two areas of the city, Calton and Greater Pollok, to understand how we can make decisions based on the opinions of as many local people as possible.

Glasgow Inspiring Global Change!

Glasgow’s Citizen Power work has been recognised in the Inspirational Reforms category at the 2023 Global Open Government Awards!

Participation without redistribution of power is an empty and frustrating process for the powerless.

Sherry Arnstein, 1969. retrieved from Careful Industries, A Constellation of Possible Futures, 2021