Your Citizen Voice
Greater Pollok

A model for participation in local neighbourhoods in Glasgow

We're making decisions on how the council's Neighbourhood Infrastructure Improvement Fund is spent in your area.

We asked you: 'How should we spend £1 million in Greater Pollok?'

You submitted new ideas and shared what the priorities are for your area.

People and families in front of the greater-pollok Ballroom having ideas

Your Citizen Voice Timeline

A timeline showing seven stages and the one we're currently in: stage five, people vote on ideas they want to go ahead

The story so far...

3 people holding their hands up in the air


People took part
Hands using a tablet


Took part online
A hand holding a ballot


Took part in person
A hand holding a % sign


Of everyone in Greater Pollok took part
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Key community organisations reached
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Local venues hosted voting cards
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Local events attended

We asked you what your priorties are, you told us...

Each option shows the percentage of people who ticked themes as priorities to improve in their area.

A graphic showing the distribution of ideas in Greater Pollok: 61% for improving open spaces, 56% for improving the condition of roads, 45% for improving pavements, 37% for improving drainage systems, 26% for improving street lighting, 23% for improving street furniture, 38% for improving road safety and 22% for improving traffic signals

Thank you for submitting your ideas for the Neighbourhood Infrastructure Improvement Fund. As we move closer to the next phase, let's take a closer look at what you told us!

In Greater Pollok there were...


The three most common ideas were about ...

Illustration of a ball in mid flight


Improving or creating community facilties, centres, sport and leisure facilities.

Illustration of someone using a mobility cane on a park path


Making the crossings and pavements safer and accessible for all

Illustration of two people planting a garden


Were about improving the conditions of roads e.g. potholes, parking facilities and manage overgrown areas


...of the ideas fit the criteria and will be in the next stage!

What's next?

Vote on the ideas you'd like to see in your area!

People and families in front of the greater-pollok Ballroom having ideas