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A model for participation in local neighbourhoods in Glasgow

We're asking...

How should we spend £1 million in Govan?

We're making decisions on how the £1 million Glasgow's Neighbourhood Infrastructure Improvement Fund should be spent in your area based on the opinions of as many people as possible

The money can be spent on ideas for any infrastructure improvements such as...

  • illustration of a someone planting a tree

    Improve open and green spaces

    Making spaces accessible and welcoming, planting flowers or trees, community gardens, enhancing monuments and fountains, better use of derelict land and preventative measures for fly tipping

  • illustration of a child playing on a slide

    Improve spaces for leisure and play

    Improve or creating new play areas, outdoor sports equipment, sports courts, pitches or skate parks

  • illustration of two people sitting on a bench

    Improve street furniture

    New seating areas, bollards or guard-rails, bike sheds

  • illustration of a street-lamp

    Improve street lighting

    Introducing or upgrading street lighting, installing lights to make places feel safer

  • illustration of a road maintenance truck

    Improve condition of roads

    Introducing road markings, resurfacing roads, upgrading road layouts to improve traffic

  • illustration of a someone taking their dog for a walk

    Improve pavements

    Improve path accessibility, widening pavements, lowering curbs, resurfacing pavements, protecting residential or disabled parking

  • illustration of cars on a busy road

    Improve road safety and crossings

    Improve path accessibility, widening pavements, lowering curbs, resurfacing pavements, protecting residential or disabled parking

  • illustration of someone walking in a park by a messy flooded area

    Improve spaces impacted by flooding

    Investigate flooding, maintain drainage systems, sustainably manage water by introducing rain gardens, street trees, sustainable draining basins or ponds, downpipe planters or green roofs

Places you can vote

Central Govan

The Pearce Institute Café,
840-860 Govan Road,
G51 3UU
Govan Pantry in the Pearce Institute,
840-860 Govan Road,
G51 3UU
The Portal Arts & Connect,
978 Govan Rd,
G51 3AJ
Govan Community Project,
31 Garmouth St,
G51 3PR
Watson Bakery,
11 Shaw St,
G51 3BJ
Make Do and Grow,
41 Burleigh St,
G51 3LA
Maslow's Community Hub,
70 Shaw St,
G51 3BL
Govan Church Museum,
866 Govan Rd,
G51 3DL


Park Villa Community Sports Hub,
337 Langlands Rd,
G51 4AW

Kinning Park

Kinning Park Complex
43 Cornwall St,
G41 1BA
The Good Coffee Cartel
12 Cornwall St,
G41 1AQ
Harper Church,
60 Craigiehall St,
G51 1EU

East Govan

Riverside Hall,
29-31 Clydebrae St,
G51 2AJ
Govan Youth Information Project,
9 Water Row,
G51 3UW
Village Hotel,
7 Festival Gate,
Pacific Dr,
G51 1DB

Linthouse & Elderpark

Linthouse Housing Association,
1 Cressy St,
G51 4RB
Glasgow City Mission Child & Family Centre,
4 St Kenneth Dr,
G51 4QD
Preshall Trust,
8 Aboukir St,
G51 4QX
Florence House,
70 Nimmo Dr,
G51 3SG
St Constantine Hall,
54 Uist St,
G51 3XW
Elderpark Community Centre,
82 Elderpark St,
G51 3ST

Ibrox & Cessnock

Clyde Community Hall
41 Whitefield Rd,
G51 2YB
Ibrox Library,
1-5 Midlock St,
G51 1SL
Right There Ibrox
15 Dava Street,
G51 2JA
Cessnock Post Office,
9 N Gower St,
G51 1PW